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  1. ensagen
    11th April 2014 - permalink
    Dear Geoff,
    I wanted to ask you a specific question regarding neve 2254/r. I read your post and I was wondering to ask you since you have a deep background with this product. I am planning to buy one to use in my home studio for my non-commercial songs to add some analogue feeling to my tracks ITB. Do you think this is a compressor that I can use with acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass and drums in a song without suffering from noise? My concern is the noise people mention. Do you think I would have a real audible noise after applying this compressor to many tracks? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Kcatthedog
    30th March 2014 - permalink
    Hi Geoff,

    I am going through old threads as I am trying to find out if people know how to build a b340 op amp ? I have found a couple of references, a schematic and apparently a trace of the pcp, but I don't t know if these are genuine or not.

    If you are out there and can shed any light, i would be grateful.

    Thank you.

  3. Geoff_T
    9th December 2013 - permalink
    Please don't post visitor messages... I never read them as most times I never notice them.

    My email is geoff@auroraaudio.net
  4. theouthouse666
    6th December 2013 - permalink
    Hi Mr. Tanner,

    I've been engineering my own mic pre amps on and off for the past few years, and I've made one that I was pretty happy with, but I've recently started up again trying to create a better amp, and I'm running into some weird issues in terms of staging the gain blocks. The one I have in spice right now is Class A, and runs on 30V with 4 BJT's and I can get about 600 voltage gain out of it, with keeping the THD at around .002%. The problem I'm having is arranging the gain stages to accept a wide range of input voltages (say, 1mv-50mv). I guess I'm still a tad rusty with my physics (it's been a while), but anyway do you have any advice in terms of how you would stage your gain? As an example if I have say 4V out of the first stage, what would be your next plan of attack if there was to be a 2nd stage, and then an output stage (with a tranny) Thanks for your help! -Chris
  5. Purusha
    23rd November 2013 - permalink
    Hello Mr. Tanner,

    I have a question about the 1173/1 vs 1173/3 transformers. What is the difference and if we consider 33609, is there any preference between the two? I have both.

    Thank you!

    Best regards. Purusha
  6. electricsky
    14th November 2013 - permalink
    Hi Mr Tanner,
    If ever you have the time , i have a question .
    Also, i would like to say that i have learnt much reading many of your posts on this forum, so i'd like to thank you for sharing your knowledge and helping people on these questions !
    I have a quad of vintage Neve 1073 ( among other vintage Neve modules) and i was wondering why different types of non polarised capacitors were used ?
    Cause i was trying to service one of my 1073 where the 0.7 freq band was passing audio but nothing was changing with gain pot on that freq ( it seems it was one of the two caps not working ) , so i took a look inside and saw that on this particular B211 card for example , there are two types of caps, some Mullard C296 , as well as some polystyren ones .
    So i was wondering if they chose to use different types of caps for size reason only or another reason ( like better suited to pass some frequencies ) ?
    Thanks, best regards;
  7. Henrik Heinrich
    30th January 2013 - permalink
    Henrik Heinrich
    Hi Mr Tanner!
    I hope you still have the time for a few questions.

    I have two 2253 Limiters that I want to rack, tried to hook them up with the 2254 Pinout. What happens is that both modules are self-oscillates at 80 kHz and popping sound at the output with a pulse rate of about 2 Hz.

    Removed the suggested jumper between H and E,F and only had the jumper between E, F the popping ceased. So I guess H shall not be aggregated with the other two which stood in pinout I got from another 2253 owner.

    Oh btw the Units do not eat so much current so there is no short-circuit.

    If you got some info I would be grateful!

    I dont have the schematics, Im in need of schematics for the B185 Card and the B186 card and the pinout will help too. Any info would be very helpful.

    Thanks in advance and thanks for all the wisdom!

    Best regards
    Henrik Heinrich
  8. kaligastia
    10th August 2012 - permalink
    Even though diff for de tranfo out and other diff to you can that ams 1073 dpa are a good preamp for metal vocal ? or this preamp are arnaque tank
  9. leftygibson
    1st July 2011 - permalink
    Hello Geoff,
    I purchased the Datamix console from Studio C Record Plant......can't seem to find detail in regards to the sonic sound? are you familiar? It couldn't sound bad right?
  10. tracy
    6th June 2011 - permalink
    hi geoff this is tracy once again' don't mean to keep bothering you, just a little

    anxious i guess to see

    what you know about this neve side car, i sent you pics at ur email, also i

    would like to know what the best way to use this side car, front end bypassing

    the avalon 737,or back end for mixdown an if you could tell me

    something about it would be very appreciated thank you..

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