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Limiting when capturing treated audio
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30th December 2012
Old 30th December 2012
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Limiting when capturing treated audio

Hey guys. I typically send my audio out from daw to analog chain and back into daw. Of course I do some gain staging here and try to pull things back into daw around -12dbfs RMS. I typically add a limiter to the daw track inputs simply to prevent any peaks from clipping. Then once this is captured and I'm happy with the sound, I'll add the brick wall limiter of choice to the master fader to get the additional -3dbfs of gain to get me up to around -9 RMS. The question is about adding a limiter to 'catch' peaks on capturing from my analog chain. Am I the only person who works this way? I know there are no 'standards' in mastering, but is this a typical workflow. Or do people actually add the limiter on capture and not only use it to catch peaks but to boost the signal to their satisfactory level and simply bounce that audio without anything on the master fader other than maybe dither? Just looking at different workflows and wondering if I'm way off for using two limiters. Especially since everything that's added will impart something to the sound. I hope I'm not crazy for asking this, but trying to see what folks in different rooms are doing.
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30th December 2012
Old 30th December 2012
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Using a limiter after the ADC during capture to avoid clipping is useless : if there are overs, they'll be clipped at the converter stage. The only way to avoid overs when coming back from the analog loop is to put an analog limiter before the ADC (or to lower the level).
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