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Anyone tried the Naiant ITP inline mic amplifier?
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19th November 2012
Old 19th November 2012
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Anyone tried the Naiant ITP inline mic amplifier?

I was looking for something to boost the output of my Shure SM7B and found this:

Naiant - Inline Devices

It seems to do the same thing as the Cloudlifter, Fethead, et al, but can run off battery or phantom power, and has a variable output from +20 to +40 dB. Anyone tried it yet?
20th January 2013
Old 20th January 2013
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Naiant ITP inline mic amplifier

As an emergency backup (only) to my Anchor Liberty PA for outdoor meetings, I have for the first time today hooked up a single dynamic mic to a mic cord now leading to a ITP, then on to 3-way split cord accessories and on to three Anchor Mini Vox's atop a wooden board on a single speaker stand. The ITP works astonishingly good !

Without the ITP, even with all 3 Mini Vox's full volume I had to get within an inch of the mic to get much out of the Vox's. Now with the ITP I only have to be approx 6-8 inches away, and Voxes' vols are now way, way down ! I tested indoors so got too much feedback, can't wait to test outside, but it's cold up here in St. Louis, so will wait 'til spring. Tip: When hooking up the ITP, make sure all vols are off/down initially, then bring on/up slowly.
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