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Mic upgrade or room treatment?
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19th November 2012
Old 19th November 2012
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Mic upgrade or room treatment?

Hey guys,

I've been recording with an MXL 990 through the preamps on my Focusrite 2i2 and it's been sounding a lot better than I would think a $50 mic would, but of course I'm planning on grabbing a better mic in the near future. I've considered getting an SM7B or a budget condenser with an actual large diaphragm like an NT1a. Is it worth it to upgrade from the MXL to another budget condenser?

On the other hand I could spend that money on room treatment. I could afford to either treat the room where I record vocals or the room that I mix in; should I upgrade my mic or treat one of my rooms? Which room would be better to treat?
19th November 2012
Old 19th November 2012
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Originally Posted by JordanMilford View Post

On the other hand I could spend that money on room treatment.
accurate room treatment will positively effect everything that you record and mix, but you need to do it right and broadband, or you can make things worse. Which room? Both need it. Pick one. Or get one of the room analyzing softwares and work on the worst room first.
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19th November 2012
Old 19th November 2012
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Decent acoustic treatment. Definitely.

How about some movable panels that you can use in both rooms depending on what your needs are at the moment?
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