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FP-10/Firepod-based home studio. What else do I need?
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24th February 2012
Old 24th February 2012
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FP-10/Firepod-based home studio. What else do I need?

Hey everyone! Just had a few questions about expanding a home studio based around a FP-10 interface. My first is whether or not I should get another microphone pre-amp or if the ones in the Firepod are adequate? If, for example, I'm recording drums, will it be ok to run each microphone directly into the Firepod? I guess I'm just a little skeptical to be relying on pre-amps for something that costs $200 used!

Also, do I NEED a hardware compressor? I do have a very hard time getting levels for vocals (I generally record punk bands, so lots of yelling) and I'm wondering if it would help to get an outboard compressor to run the vocals through BEFORE they get to the interface.

With BOTH of those things being said, can anyone suggest a good pre-amp/mixer combo? That would be perfect! Thanks in advance!
24th February 2012
Old 24th February 2012
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The firepod/fp10 pres are adequate, have recorded whole albums with them. But a higher $ pre or two would be nice to have, especially something with more gain, like the GAP Pre73, for low output dynamics & ribbons. Never hurts to have an external compressor, but never had that good of luck running one into the Firepod, even using the inserts supplied for that purpose. If you are tracking in 24 bit, just record the screamers at a lower level so there is no peaks and compress in the box.
24th February 2012
Old 24th February 2012
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Use the gear that you have until you know you need to add to it or upgrade it. Until then the only thing responsible for sub-par results is you.
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