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Yamaha HS80 OR HS50 + Sub
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21st February 2012
Old 21st February 2012
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Yamaha HS80 OR HS50 + Sub

I've been doing a ton of research in preparation for buying my first pair of studio monitors. I've already been to a near by store and auditioned some monitors, including the HS80.

The HS80 sounded great and had very bright high end, but I found them lacking in low end. Could have been the store setup, all the monitors were in a awkward shaped room, with the speakers pointing to a huge glass window that stretched the entire wall. No acoustic treatment at all...

The others I listened to (KRK 8, Mackie MR8) all had more pronounced low end. Salesmen kept reassuring that the HS80s just give a clearer picture of what's really going on. My worry is that if I can't even hear the low end, how am I going to be able to mix it. Especially when I'm playing tracks from professionals. From what I've heard from everyone is that the HS80 has great low end response, but that's not what I heard here.

So what I'm wondering is would it be a better setup to have a pair of HS50 with the HS10 sub? They didn't have either so I wasn't able to listen for myself. Or if I went with the HS80, would I be able tune it to fit my room to possible get more low end out of it.
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21st February 2012
Old 21st February 2012
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i know ive seen this exact same discussion on here before... search that up! i remember a lot of people recommending the hs50m+sub route over the hs80m actually
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