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DBX 3BX-DS: opinions?
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26th December 2011
Old 26th December 2011
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DBX 3BX-DS: opinions?

Hi. I just got a hold of a DBX 3BX-DS and I won't be able to check it out for a few days, so I was wondering if anyone has any experience with this unit, and if so, please share your opinion on strengths/weakness or any suggested uses.

Can it be driven/pushed? Based on the manual, I am sure I can find SOME sort of use for it...

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks.
26th December 2011
Old 26th December 2011
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wow, I had one of those like, a hundred years ago.... there is a smaller model too, which reacts on fewer bands, or something. I used it in a PA for a while. Never got a lot of joy from it in recording. I guess that you could use it as an effect. I tend to go for a more natural sound unless I'm warping some electric guitar or vocal effect, so it really wasn't for me. It ended up in my home stereo, and on out the door.

I think that Harmon still offers owners and service manuals for dbx, they may have one for this product.
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26th December 2011
Old 26th December 2011
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I sold a whole lot of those in the late 80s. They put four DBX processors in one box, if I remember correctly. There was a multi-band compressor, a multi-band expander, something that would somehow increase the 'slam' of transients, and some circuitry that was advertised as taking the 'edge' out of the then infant digital consumer sound. They somehow titled that last processor with the words, 'ambience controller,' or something similar.

The units were very expensive for their time, and had some switching challenges, internally. I remember that a few years after using them, some customers returned them for repair, and one multi-pole switch was no longer available. They were very unhappy customers.

The unit was used in mid to high-class home systems of the time. I had a friend that swore by the unit. He loved country music, and to him, it breathed life into the analog records of the time.

You will undoubtedly find a use for it in the studio, but probably as an effect.

Good luck with your acquisition.
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