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High and Low Pass Filters -- What are your "go to" settings?
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3rd April 2006
Old 3rd April 2006
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High and Low Pass Filters -- What are your "go to" settings?

I was just wondering if you all have go to settings for high and low pass filters. For instance, where will you set a high pass filter on vocals, if at all. Do you use a low pass on a bass guitar? If so, where. I'm sure that some will respond that it depends on the source/material/mix. Are there any rules of thumb that you use? If you are looking for a genre, I'm doing rock/punk stuff.

3rd April 2006
Old 3rd April 2006
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For a genuine punk style recording, I don't think you should use much HPF or LPF.

Punk isn't supposed to be produced much. If you have a really bad pop or something in a track, you can filter it later (and then only if it's REALLY bad)


4th April 2006
Old 4th April 2006
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vocals: sometimes none, and sometimes I HP it really high. You just gotta judge it one track at a time.

I never low pass the bass, but I might high pass it if it's conflicting with the kick.

You can lose the fundamental pretty soon, though so ya gotta watch it. You can shelf it or something if you need to get rid of some but not too much.

But more often these days, I let the bass ride shotgun and make the kick work around it.


If I were doing a '70's punk vibe deal, I might high pass the whole deal, but it would be pretty rare and I'd probably do it just for the effect.

Sometime in the '90's someone decided that "punk" should have a ton of bottom end, and that's ok, because things evolve. But if you really listen to The Jam and The Damned, they didn't usually go subsonic.
4th April 2006
Old 4th April 2006
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low pass electric guitars at 7k
low pass bass abour 3K
hi passes usually varies on everything except none on bass and kick
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