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Best gear to connect spring reverb into line-level patchbay?
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Mike H
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16th May 2011
Old 16th May 2011
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Best gear to connect spring reverb into line-level patchbay?

I have a very nice spring reverb that I use between my guitar and my guitar amp. I would like to connect it to my studio patchbays and use it during mixdown.

It is a tube buffered unit...........to be specific, a Dumblelator-type circuit with the reverb hard-wired into its effects loop.

My studio (Pro Tools HD, mixer, rack units) runs at +4 line level, so I have the impedance mis-match problem. So, I need:
(1) A Reamp type of unit on the input, to convert from low impedance to high impedance.
(2) A unit on the output, to convert back to low impedance and to amplify the signal back up to line level. Note: I may not need much amplification if any, since the unit has three level controls (main signal, effects loop send, and effects loop return).

I am looking for quality units, but I can't afford to spend a lot on gear that is dedicated to a single reverb. For example, I can't afford a high end preamp with DI to put on the output.

What two units would be good buys for this application?

Here's one combination I found:
- Radial J-Iso for input to reverb ($260)
- Radial J+4 for output from reverb ($200)
16th May 2011
Old 16th May 2011
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You might just have to buy the reamp and di and a cheap extra mic pre. My boss has this unit tat does impedence matching but we dont know then ame or who makes it someone gave it to him. Its pretty neat you can patch right into it connect your gear and go right out of it and it will match your impedance automaticly.
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