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Tube Amps on a Budget
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28th November 2005
Old 28th November 2005
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Originally Posted by deathtodesign
I've never tried this before, but I've always wanted to... for a phase inverter, you can specially order a "matched" 12AX7 (yes, the single tube can be matched within itself - triodes) from some of the specialty tube stores online. I almost bought a matched NOS mullard for my Twin, but for some reason never got around to it.
You're correct. You need a balanced tube for the phase inverter for a push pull amp. One side of the tube does the amplification above zero and the other side below zero with half the output tubes working either way. this is the same reason you need a matched set for the output tubes. Otherwise when you look at the waveform in your editor you will see a difference between the part of the wave above the line and below.
28th November 2005
Old 28th November 2005
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you guys are funny.. the threadstarter didnt replied and you are talking about tubemodification.. THREAD-napper

you know you will burn in hell.. the 11th commandment on GS.com

I go with a cheapo preamp like ENGL stuff for metall
I go with a cheapo H&K tubeman as pre for rock
I go with a cheapo metalzone for liveplaying metall

driven by the one and only Reussenzehn guitarslave (the old one with one red knob)

but you need a box.. so I think we are talking about 250 for the pre and 350 for the poweramp.. but then you have no box..

hm.. have to be full valve if you are playing some heavier/punkier/louder stuff.. 50wats + (maybe have a look at your favourite guitarstore??)

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29th November 2005
Old 29th November 2005
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Do your research though
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29th November 2005
Old 29th November 2005
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Originally Posted by aetucker1
get the classic 30...great clean and if you plug into a cab on the distortion channel, sounds just like a mesa. Also, get the 30 not the 50 because you will want to crank those tubes for recording.

I had one a while ago...it got stolen. It was a great little amp, and with and SG it could rip through a dense mix noooo problem.....probably the most under rated amp out there
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