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Glyn Johns overheads question...
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John N
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1st April 2009
Old 1st April 2009
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Glyn Johns overheads question...

Is it important for the overheads to be the same model mics in the Glyn Johns drum method? Isn't spacing and placement more important in this method than using 2 of the same mics?

I have 3 LDC mics, one each of: SP C1, Rode NTK, Kel HM-7U - I was hoping to try them all out to see which one sounds best in which position. My first inclination is to put the C1 as the side mic by the floor tom pointing over to the hi-hat, since that mic is probably the one that has the most expended high end for the hat as well as surprisingly full bottom for the toms. And then try the Kel or the NTK over the drummer's shoulder looking down at the snare and kick pedal.
57, e906 or e914 on snare top, Blue kickball on kick - and i think I'll try a mono Joly modded RSM-4 (ribbon) for a room/ front of kit mic...

mostly concerned about whether or not it'll be OK to use different LDCs for the overheads.

1st April 2009
Old 1st April 2009
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I've done it both ways with great results. One of my fav set-ups is:

Beyer M260 over the snare
OKtava mod 319 side
Robe NT2 FOK
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1st April 2009
Old 1st April 2009
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If you want a natural sound, then use the same model.

Else, what sounds good is good. With different models, don't be afraid of having the mics slightly different distances from the snare.


2nd April 2009
Old 2nd April 2009
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I've also done it both ways.. never noticed any major difference for matched/unmatched.
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