Charger for Crate Limo battery amp ?
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23rd January 2013
Old 23rd January 2013
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Charger for Crate Limo battery amp ?


After just 3 months the 15V battery charger that came with my Crate Limo TX50DB up and died, i tried charging the 12V, 7.2A sealed lead acid battery with a 12V charger i had lying around but the battery only lasts an hour or two compared to 4-6 hours when charged with the 15V charger. The store i bought the amp from eventually agreed to take the charger back for repair which could take a very long time if there slow costumer support is any indication so in the meanwhile i need to buy a replacement charger. I've tried researching but unfortunately this subject is mostly over me head . Could someone please recommend an appropriate 15V charger.

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