Undertone audio : Fraser t smith console
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8th February 2013
Old 8th February 2013
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Undertone audio : Fraser t smith console

8th February 2013
Old 8th February 2013
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Looks awesome!

Looks like there's 16 returns on the right. And the main channel strip looks quite different then the previous consoles. The Cut button is larger and the Solo button is gone. I wonder is this the first UTA console with preamps in the channels? Seems to be some different knobs up there where the bussing normally was.

Can't wait to hear the beef on this one. I've been following (dreaming about) UTA's console for a while now.
8th February 2013
Old 8th February 2013
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8th February 2013
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Originally Posted by .:On The Rock:. View Post
Looks awesome!

Looks like there's 16 returns on the right.
labelled 17 through 32.
16 more stereo inputs I think?
I don't see any aux sends.
25th February 2013
Old 25th February 2013
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Hey y'all, I just updated the website with a bunch more photos + information on the Fraser's console.

Check it: UnderToneAudio
11th September 2013
Old 11th September 2013
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I just watched all three of the videos on their site explaining their EQ and how it works.

It literally blew me away. I had one of those moments when you witness something shocking and everything melts away.

I seriously did not know there was more technological breakthroughs left in analogue.

Beam me up Scotty I have discovered advanced life forms and they are making EQs

12th September 2013
Old 12th September 2013
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God bless Eric and crew. Ive been noodling with my sole MPEQ1 for a couple months now and it really brings a whole new experience to tweaking eq-- loving the way the filters behave.... id slay an army for a desknfull of these babies!!
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