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Hardware That Will Do What PSP VintageWarmer/MixSaturator Does?
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4th August 2006
Old 4th August 2006
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Hardware That Will Do What PSP VintageWarmer/MixSaturator Does?

Ok so here's a slightly absurd question, but I love the sound of the PSP Vintage Warmer so much, on the master buss especially, and being a gear*****, I was wondering what hardware I'd need to replicate that sound, or to do it better? "Mastering First Aid" is such a genius go-to mix fixer. Similarly, the PSP MixSaturator, both the preamp1 and bigbass settings (on drum buss especially) are just fantastic.

Are these replicating tape? Or what? I've certainly not found a simple compressor that will do what they do.

And while I'm asking, the DiscoDSP Thrillme compressor/exciter on drum room sound: my goodness me. What a sound. The algorithm is so cheap and old, it makes no sense, but it's fantastic, not really like an SPL Vitaliser/Aphex exciter. If I could improve on that in hardware I'd be a very happy man.

Sorry if these are slightly lame questions. Obviously it's a bit backwards coming forwards to try and replicate software in hardware, and I should just be grateful for having all this in my laptop and leave it at that... maybe spend my money on a holiday or something instead... leave the playroom occasionally... get some daylight... etc.

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4th August 2006
Old 4th August 2006
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buy a good preamp, eq and compressor...it'll do 10x better what the warmer the does!! By t he way, I was also a fan of this plugin, very useful.

EDIT: Get the Chandler Germanium.
4th August 2006
Old 4th August 2006
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Get a tape machine.
4th August 2006
Old 4th August 2006
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The Fatso certainly comes to mind...
5th August 2006
Old 5th August 2006
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The Vintage Warmer does so much that I think you should be more specific.

I don't really feel that the VW does tape emulation that well. I don't know why they settled on Vintage Warmer for the name.

To me it rules for the multi-band compression + EQ. The closest I've heard to the VW is the TubeTech SMC2A Multiband compressor.
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