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So i got to compare focal solo6 and twin6...
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21st December 2012
Old 21st December 2012
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So i got to compare focal solo6 and twin6...

...with my favorite tunes for the purpose, ZZ top - waitin' for the bus, dire straits - once upon a time in the west and KISS - sure know something.

I know these songs quite well sonics wise. To me the solos appeared more mid forward and had alot less stereo spread than the twins. The difference was huge... The twins were really deep, like twice as deep and ten times larger. The twins appeared alot less midrangy as well, sweeter overall. i could practically grab the instruments in the air and breath right through the reverb trails if that makes sense at all...I didn't expect such a difference and i'm glad i could compare them as i was looking into the solos...i've changed my mind!!!

Anybody had the same experience with those?
28th December 2012
Old 28th December 2012
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I did not compare the Twin6 and the Solo6 but I own the Twin6 and the Genelec 1030a (yeah I know, totally different) and I have to say that on well recorded material the imaging is outstanding and things that are panned up the middle like lead vocals and some instrument solos have almost a 3D effect. Sort of like the sound is not coming out of speakers but just materializing in the air in front of you.

The top end detail is greater but harsher on the Genelecs but the Twin6 is absolutely outstanding in my opinion. The imaging is just stellar.
30th December 2012
Old 30th December 2012
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Wow! I cannot wait for Wednesday when my Twins arrive from Sweetwater Sound.
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