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lex 224 or ams rmx 16?
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4th March 2012
Old 4th March 2012
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lex 224 or ams rmx 16?

i was thinking of buying a lex 224 or an rmx 16. Anyone have experience in those? Are there any plugins that come close? I make 80s music so i need some cool vintage digiverbs.
4th March 2012
Old 4th March 2012
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ahh the 80's
Both quite different..
RMX 16
very popular for the "nonlin" preset... gated verb thing eg s s s s s udeo by phill collins. and "ambience" preset good all round neutral verb quite dense.

lexicon 224

sound of money...

"bright hall" think howard jones "what is love" and the frankie goes to hollywood stuff

generally a more plush reverb with more control. the 224 had a chorus / reflection thing going on which made it sound very wide..

think they economized on the 480 as it never had the same width

RMX definately a more dense sound..

(don't rule out the pcm60 for pure 80's slam and density)
5th March 2012
Old 5th March 2012
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Can't comment on the 224 but I did loan a 480L which was utterly amazing. I have an AMS RMX-16, which I often use. It is magical. Sounds sit so well in the mix when that verb is added. The ambience, hall, plate, room and non-lin verbs are phenomenal. It is so simple to operate. The standard model comes with only 8 or so very usable presets. I upgraded the software so mine has 18 presets. Doesn't sound like much, but I prefer having a dozen very usable presets compared to having hundreds or thousands of OK or mediocre ones.

I have tried the TL Space RMX-16 and 480L presets and they are nothing like the original hardware.
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