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BiG BEN FOR 24 I/O MOTU, will this do much?
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29th March 2006
Old 29th March 2006
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BiG BEN FOR 24 I/O MOTU, will this do much?

I need help people, Im trying to figure out if it would even be worth the investment to buy a BIG BEN to clock my 24 I/O. It seems that I never can get a big in depth hi/low sound from my 24 I/O. I know it has to do with the converters and the clock. because I do a crap load of freelance in comercial studios and my mixes are fine.
Whats going on here? not preamps either....nothing but high end, top grade. WHat chip is in the 24 I/O? I hear its the same as the 192's. And that the 24 I/O's clock is the problem. I need more depth and hi and low clearity! I dont mix in the box so rule that out. Will the BIG BEN open my sound alone?
30th March 2006
Old 30th March 2006
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Black Lion Audio

Check out Black Lion Audio. They do a mod on the Analog section and on the Clock section on the newer MOTU interfaces like 24 I/O, 192HD, Traveler, 896HD, etc. Im thinking about doing it with my 896 HD.
30th March 2006
Old 30th March 2006
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I used to own a 24i/o, and thought it was decent, but I ended up selling it and buying a Lynx Aurora-16...best purchase I ever made! The Motu was OK, but the Aurora sounds so much better IMHO...not even close actually. I miss the other 8 channels of i/o, but I can always buy another Aurora if I really need it. The diff was immediately noticable, esp. in the D/A category.

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31st March 2006
Old 31st March 2006
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I 2nd the Black Lion Audio advice. I have a 24I/O that he modded and it sounds soo much better. I will be getting the clock upgrade as soon as possible.
I think it's the best bang for the buck since you already own a 24I/o as i do.
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