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What to look for/avoid in original Neve 1272 (hacks)?
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7th March 2010
Old 7th March 2010
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What to look for/avoid in original Neve 1272 (hacks)?


I have a chance to pick up a pair of original Neve 1272 modules. They are racked in a 1RU faceplate and look to have their original blue-grey faceplates. There are 4 screws (I want to say allen bolts?) in the corners of each module's faceplate. I can't remember if the bottom thumbscrew was there or not. Included is a PSU that I've yet to see. Each module has a grey knob (I assume for gain?). There are two toggles on the 1RU faceplate; I have no idea of what they do (no labeling). I guess they are for polarity and ??. Anyway, I intend to use them as mic pres (who doesn't?), gain <= 50dB. Also, occasionally as line amps. The racking looks like it was done some time ago (sometime in the '90s or early '00s?). I fear they may have been modified improperly during the racking in an effort to "make them like 1073s". Is there a way I can see if any monkey business has been done by looking at the electronic components? I am using Glideonfade's (Dave's) pictures as a reference to an original 1272: Awesome Switch Wiring

Are there any other Neve 1272 picture resources I can study?

Is it safe simply to go for them if they have the original 3055, in/out trans, tants?

How do the sides come off on this modules?

Also, how much does it normally cost to have BAE go through them and have them racked?

Any tips/hints much appreciated. Seller wants some (to me) serious coin for these.

7th March 2010
Old 7th March 2010
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