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Sinefex CX2000 vs Liquid Mix
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14th January 2009
Old 14th January 2009
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Sinefex CX2000 vs Liquid Mix

how do these compare to eachother seeing as LM technoleogy is made by Sintefex?
I know Sintexfex use general curves but im wondering how different exactly are they?
22nd September 2009
Old 22nd September 2009
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I own both the sintefex cx2000 and liquidmix (sintefex being the reason i bought it) Sorry to say the liquidmix being a plugin after all, does not stand up to the power of the cx.The liquidmix is "fine" on tweaking solo tracks but I have not the heart or inclination to master anything on it but very very light touches of comp(after premastered using cx) maybe...

cx2000: Tracking and mastering you can push the converters (it will overload after super-mucho db) but it captures a vibe not in any plugin(I have the UAD stuff too) I really feel anyone who actually hears it knows it is a no-brainer box of very usefull toys.
22nd September 2009
Old 22nd September 2009
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I hate plugs, but the cx2000 is great, it sounds just like the real hardware, only issue ?? just cannot hear the attack release grab like the real units otherwise they sound the same, when you start changing the ratio, attack, release you get a much better sound with the real gear vs the cx2000.
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22nd September 2009
Old 22nd September 2009
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I agree. The Sintefex sits between a plugin and the real thing. It has more of that elusive grab, but not as good as the real thing. Still, no TDM plugin is as good. I tried the liquid HD plugin, but it still sounded like a plugin.

The sintefex has a sound, or rather ten sounds. A difrent one for each emulation. Very few plugins have a sound. Having said that, the cx2000 does not sound anywhere as euphonic as my hardware ones. The only one I have to compare directly with is the cl1b, and the cx just does not have the same mojo. By far.
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25th September 2009
Old 25th September 2009
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I'm selling an FX8000 sintefex if anyone is interested!
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