Antelope Audio Isochrone DA- word clock distribution
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8th January 2009
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Antelope Audio Isochrone DA- word clock distribution

I am on the fence if I want to get one of these Antelope WC distribution amps. I'd like to use 3 different converters simultaneously- the Crane Song HEDD, API A2D and SSL XLogic, and I think this would be better than looping WC through from one unit to another. Also, up till now I have been sending WC via spdif audio signal, which I have read is not as good as WC anyway.

I'd like to know if anyone has used this unit, and how it is. $1000 seems pretty steep to split a WC signal, but it looks like they are doing it right with this unit. I could get a Lucid or other one cheaper, but this Antelope looks pretty worthy. I'm also assuming that using the HEDD as the WC source to split, would be as good as say a Big Ben, etc.

8th January 2009
Old 8th January 2009
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Keep in mind, the DA will have the sonic signature of an OCX, so you may as well use the OCX master clock for all three converters (especially at the new 1195 price point) The DA does dijittering of the clock it receives, so it will sound like an OCX instead of the HEDD (if that's the master). The DA is a great box. It's best use is for situations where more outputs are needed than an OCX, OCX-V or Trinity.

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8th January 2009
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Lurker here coming up to state an opinion. If I'm not mistaken, Antelope Audio consist of some of those formerly involved with Aardvark Audio. Several years ago, Aardvark Audio suddenly, summarily, and with no notice nor warning disappeared, leaving all of their customers with no support nor updated drivers for little things such as, say, Windows XP. Additionally, they did not make available the source codes for users (unlike myself) who are capable of writing new drivers. Hence, my Q10 = useless paperweight. For that reason, I am totally reluctant and unwilling to do business with anyone who was involved with Aardvark Audio, no matter how good their gear purports to be. If I am mistaken, I'd love to be corrected, but I don't believe I am. When dealing with "professional" gear, especially items costing >$1000, I expect long term customer support with no exception, period.

I will not get burned twice.

Good luck.
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