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A good day
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8th January 2009
Old 8th January 2009
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A good day

We've been tracking a record for a great female singer songwriter at our place for the last three weeks. All the tracks have been sounding great but really missing out on the lead guitars. Today we got a great session guy in to start putting them down. Fantastic player, great gear.

Today was also the day when our neve 33609jd finally arrived. I can't ever remember feeling so enamoured with a piece of gear. We have a great selection of comps at the studio, vac rac, Api, ssl, but there is nothing touching this. It sort of feels like having your wise old granddad drop by, complete with all his knowledge and experiences! Think strapping gandalf across the mix buss...


The combination of this guys playing and this comp and suddenly the tracks exploded into glorious technicolor. Can't wait to start the mixing.

Anyway, just thought I'd share this joy with you. Anyone considering this comp should take the plunge. I can't now imagine life without it!
8th January 2009
Old 8th January 2009
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Congrats, Kore! It's a great feeling when things just line up and you can see everything starting to fall into place. Enjoy!
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