Threshold S/200 for a monitor amplifier
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9th August 2008
Old 9th August 2008
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Threshold S/200 for a monitor amplifier

Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on Threshold amplifiers. I have an opportunity to pick up an S/200 amplifier for a good price and looking for opinions. And I know Im going to be asked what drivers would I be using it with. And that's the other thing. I'm leaning towards JBL though. I don't know yet. Looking to find a quality audiophile amp if you will, and then mate some good monitors (passive obviously) to the amp. I might get yelled at for this, but if I can make this get up double as a Hi-Fi system too, or stereo for us simple folks. I would be happy. And I'm new. So if I'm in the wrong spot, my bad.
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