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Beat Detective v7.4 Pro Tools?
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11th February 2008
Old 11th February 2008
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Beat Detective v7.4 Pro Tools?

Hey all, hope this is the right forum for this. I read some earlier post pertaining to Beat Detective here so here goes...

I just started using BD not more than a week ago and so far so good when using with a click. My question is this. I started to pull some of my old Sonar sessions into Pro Tools figuring I could re-master them etc. I pulled all the drum tracks from my song in and ran BD, BUT when I hit conform the timing goes waaay off. The tracks seem to stretch a mile long and are completely off tempo. How do I do this process if I don't have a click track?

Thanks in advance for any help!
11th February 2008
Old 11th February 2008
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I would think you need to set the tempo of the track.

Note that 7.4 also has Elastic Audio as an alternative.
11th February 2008
Old 11th February 2008
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If the drummer was wobbly, you should set the tempo accordingly
and snap to that. I recommend doing this a measure or two at a
time instead of a long sequence .. the results can be pretty "off"
if you do minutes at a time.

If drummer was really wobbly .. you'll have to pick something to
align to .. kick or snare .. pick whatever was the most "on" and extract
the tempo from that.

As has been noted, elastic audio can be a replacement for BD .. i prefer
it now myself .. just be sure and select and/or group the regions you want
to work on together .. otherwise, you're going to get some phase

the PT accelerated videos on elastic audio (on the digi.com website) are
quite good as a starter. Click PT 7.4 Videos

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