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help me decide between these pre's
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Robert Sands
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18th February 2007
Old 18th February 2007
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help me decide between these pre's

I'm doing a shootout between a few pre's right now. Man, everything sounds cool so I'm undecided. I know these have been talked about in the past alot and I've read all the comments. Still undecided. The pres I'm trying out are a Focusrite 110 ISA Limited Edition, Chandler LTD1 and a Chandler TG Channel MK 1 (which I can have made into a MKll for $300). The pre's I already own are a UA 6176 and an Amek DMCL. What do you guys with the golden ears think I should add to what I already have. I might be willing to buy 2 out of the 3 pre's that I'm checking out. Don't really want to spend the money for all 3. I'm going to let you know what I'm leaning towards - The LTD1 and the Focusrite. It will be for vocals mostly and then also electric and acoustic guitars. I'm a midi studio so most of my music is realized with samplers and synths. Just looking to fill in the gaps of what I already own and to broaded my pallet of preamp colors.
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