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JLM Audio
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29th January 2013
Old 29th January 2013
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JLM Audio

Got to give a shout out to Joe Malone and JLM Audio.

Last year I bought a pair of PEQ500's from another GS member and have been really loving them. The other day, I fired up my LB and noticed that the ylw "shelf" LED was on and didn't recall selecting it last time I used it. It's a push pot to engage / disengage and when I tried to turn it off, nothing happened.The button felt sluggish and felt like it was working but the LED remained constant. Eventually it just cleared on it's own, and as of now, seems to be functioning OK, other than it not feeling a positive as the other unit but obviously is something that will have to be looked at sooner than later

I contacted JLM via their Facebook page and received a quick response asking me to provide my original purchasing information from when I bought the unit. I replied and told them that I bought the unit used, and forwarded the info I had for the seller and that's all it took.So despite me not being the original buyer, Joe promptly sent out the replacement switch assembly, N/C.

Man, gotta love good, hassle free customer service and I think it's important to pass along the good experiences - I just read the other day that people will tell (on average) 10 people about their good experiences and 22 about the bad ones.

Thanks, Joe! I was nervous that I was going to have to deal with down time of this great EQ.
"Buy good tools, with track records, not GS flavor of the day, and there isn't anything you can't cut and have pride in. The flavor of the day will or won't prove itself over time." - Dan Kennedy 08.08'
30th July 2013
Old 30th July 2013
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Another thumbs up for Joe Malone of JLM Audio who went very generously out of his way to help me with a DIY Build of his awesome BA500 preamp. Nothing like a company that actually cares about their customers, no matter how far away!
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