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Anyone else chaining Distressors on vox on the way in?
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23rd January 2013
Old 23rd January 2013
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Anyone else chaining Distressors on vox on the way in?

I've been playing around with this lately and Im loving it. I can get vocals super-saturated sounding and really in-your-face.

I've actually had a couple clients that I've been working with for years comment about how they're really digging the vocal sound lately. Just wondering if anyone else is using Distressors in series on vox?

It seems like everyone only talks about how great they are on instruments..

(Im going Peluso2247LE->API pre->distressor->distressor-PT)
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23rd January 2013
Old 23rd January 2013
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I've been double chaining compressors for years, not only the Distressor. I found this works AMAZINGLY well with the old DBX 160 A, the Drawmer 1960 (my fav for this, in channel 1 out into channel 2). For some reason using 2 different kinds of compression from the same kind of unit often sounds more clearer. Of course this also works great with 2 non-similar compressors

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25th January 2013
Old 25th January 2013
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I've really enjoyed going from a Peluso P12 to a 1081, into a Distressor and then a Vac Rac TSL-3. Incredibly upfront vocal sound I've found.
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