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Studer A80 mkiv coupling transformers - heads
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29th December 2012
Old 29th December 2012
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Studer A80 mkiv coupling transformers - heads

I remember reading somewhere here on GS that after mki the A80 used coupling transformers for the heads that sounded crappy, a headroom issue.

Is this common knowledge or someone's subjective opinion? If so is there a mod that can be done?

Also curious if its 'crappiness' comes into play only when headroom is pushed, or if the coupling transformers impart a tonality all the time that is less than desirable?

Hopefully someone will know what I'm talking about! Thanks folks!
29th December 2012
Old 29th December 2012
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I have had this question in the back of my mind as well. Whatever I read (maybe it was Fletcher?), I believe it said that a800 heads didn't need the coupling transformers... I was hoping to convert my A80 machine, but I just haven't done enough research on it to consider it yet.
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