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Help with Peavey Classic 30 reverb.
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13th September 2012
Old 13th September 2012
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Help with Peavey Classic 30 reverb.

Hi there,

M'first post here, although I've read the forums many a time. I just bought a used Peavey Classic 30 and although the sound is very good, I am very disappointed by the damned reverb. I almost always like to use at least some degree of reverb. And I literally have to settle for that gross no-reverb sound or else I just get incessant hum/feedback with a really low amount of reverb even when it's at 12 (yes my amp goes to 12, I know).

I have tried to move the tank around, change channels, same crap.

Getting to my point, I want to swap out the tank and throw in a nice one that actually gives me TOO much reverb when it's maxed out (which should be the case always). My question is: Does anyone know of a specific tank that would suit my needs as well as fit/match the amp's impedance? (I'm in Ottawa, so a canadian supplier would be best) And in addition I would like either a web link or a semi-detailed summary of how to do it. (In Layman's terms please!). I know you guys are awesome at this stuff and I heard this is a simple mod so I'm hoping someone has some insight here.

Thanks so much in advance for the help.
16th September 2012
Old 16th September 2012
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Weak/noisy (hum) reverb is typical of many Peavey amps. I saw a mod for a Peavey Nashville 400 amp that supposedly helped the reverb, but I don't think it really helped as it wasn't very popular. I had a loaner Peavey Nashville 1000 from a dealer while they ordered a new one for me. It had a 2 spring reverb in it that was typical Peavey (weak compared to Fender), the new one that I got had a 3 spring reverb in it and I couldn't hear any difference. I now have a Nashville 112 and it is identical to the Nashville 1000's reverb.

Most of the Pedal Steel Guitar players, me included, use external reverbs and not the Peavey reverbs. I'm using a POD X3 and the "spring" reverb model in the X3 for reverb.

One thing to check (I haven't checked on your model Peavey amp) but many amps used a "Molex" connector to connect the reverb pan to the amp chassis. This has been a problem area for bad connections and hum. Later model Peavey amps use a different/better connection that does not have the problem.
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19th September 2012
Old 19th September 2012
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I put a MOD 9EB2C1B in my Classic 30. This was an improvement imo.
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