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Bad Buzzing Bass
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9th April 2012
Old 9th April 2012
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Bad Buzzing Bass

Howdy all! I got my bass players electric in my studio for some maintenance and this thing will not stop BUZZING!

I have re-soldered everything from the bridge to the jack, I even ran 16 gauge wire to all the grounding points like a double ground.

My only idea is that the coated/tapewound nylon/metal strings he uses aren't making contact anywhere.

This really shouldn't matter so maybe its a shielding prob?
When i touch any metal on the bass it stops....but not the strings.
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9th April 2012
Old 9th April 2012
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amp or DI? Is the cavity with PU and pots shielded with copper tape?
9th April 2012
Old 9th April 2012
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Nylon taped strings are non-conductive. You can either switch to metal flat wounds or open up the instrument and screen EVERYTHING with copper foil tape. This includes the plastic pickup covers and the pickup cavity. Once done, silent.

For a very quick fix, get one of those grounding wrist straps used to solder static sensitive cmos chips. You connect the alligator clip to the bridge metal and stuff the other end down your pants.
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