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Monolithic ceramic capacitors for Digikey?
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Sean Sullivan
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12th February 2010
Old 12th February 2010
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Monolithic ceramic capacitors for Digikey?

I need to order some .1uF mono ceramic capacitors but there are so many options, and on the digikey and mouser website you can not select "monolithic" in the search parameters. I've also gone on the BC Components and Kemet websites and nothing comes up when I search for monolithic capacitors.

I'd assume that the Vishay/BC Mono-Kap series are monolithic capacitors, but I thought I'd ask just to be sure.
13th February 2010
Old 13th February 2010
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Why the insistence on finding the word "monolithic" on the capacitor you buy? That's just a style of internal construction and it has advantages and disadvantages. If you need a compact, low-inductance part, then search for caps whose specifications reflect that. Chances are, the cap you choose will be of monolithic construction whether it says so or not.

Go to Digikey's site and just search for Capacitor. Then click on "ceramic". This will take you to their parametric search engine for ceramic caps. I wouldn't worry about "monolithic" but if you want to you can choose the one selection from the "Series" column that tells you it's monolithic (Mono-Kap) and go from there. Otherwise just choose the voltage rating (or range of voltage ratings), the package/size/lead spacing, the dielectric, and the capacitance. Click on the "In Stock" box at the bottom to weed out a bunch of obsolete choices. If you don't want to buy several thousand of them, select "bulk" and "Cut Tape" to rule out the "Tape & Reel" and other large-quantity packaging options. If you need a radial package with 0.1" lead spacing, be sure to choose both 0.1" and 2.5mm (0.097") choices.

I'd be happy to give you a specific part number that I would choose, but first you need to know the voltage rating and package type (through-hole or SMT? Axial or radial lead? 0.1" or 0.2" lead spacing?) For 0.1µF decoupling applications, I think X7R is the best quality ceramic dielectric that isn't absurdly priced.

Here are a couple of links you might find useful:
Analog Devices: Analog Dialogue: Ask The Applications Engineer - 21
Ceramic capacitor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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