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Bass Guitar Tech?
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6th August 2007
Old 6th August 2007
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Bass Guitar Tech?

Hi. Anyone here do Bass guitar repair? Having some noise issues and actually wanna get the circuit recapped, new op-amp, etc. It's an older Ibenez model. Not very costly, but it has priceless sentimental value . Anyone game? Thanks...
Thanks for your time and ears!
6th August 2007
Old 6th August 2007
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Thats not so much a bass tech thing as just a electronics tech thing. Im sure a deceant electronics guy woulnt charge you much if you just sent him the preamp and told him what to do. My tech'ing of guitars and basses is mostly setup and fret work. Ive done electronics stuff but its mostly just replacing or resoldering, not recapping and changing out opamps.
6th August 2007
Old 6th August 2007
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Coupling caps should be increased in value to allow the extended low end to pass. Some film bypass caps would also open up the top end a bit. Sometimes these use small caps off the pickups to pre filter out noise, removing those also open up the tops. EQ caps should be replaced with Wima MKP-2 polyprop films. I would use a Linear Tech LT1352 opamp as it's very low current draw, high output current drive, imune to cable capacitance, low noise and distortion and a fast 200v/us slew rate.

Proper internal shielding will remove residual buzzes. This includes the entire control cavity as well as the areas underneath the pickups.

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