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Need a Death metal Amp
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22nd June 2007
Old 22nd June 2007
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Need a Death metal Amp


My current setup is Jackson Dinky With EMG-SA pickups, through a Marshall jackhammer into the Marshall AVT275.

I play death metal, www.myspace.com/repugnantinebriation, and Im looking to upgrade my amp. Ive been looking at the peavy 5150 and ENGL Powerball but havent actually played through either yet. Id like to get a real crisp clean yet brutal tone, you guys have any suggestions?

Thanks alot
22nd June 2007
Old 22nd June 2007
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In my opinion, the 5150 is the standard for tight metal riffs and also records very well!
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22nd June 2007
Old 22nd June 2007
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no the standart 5150 is very bad.. it harms your environement :D

reality shows, that there is not "THE AMP" out there.. its in your finger, and how you play those fukkin palmmutes.. overall tightness is the main problem of any serious deathmetal giutarist. so it's primary not the sound of the amp, witch is the problem, it's the technique and overall performance.

long story short:
try out Laboga Mr. Hector, with the d'addario? pickup booster or an old (IMPORTANT!) ibanez tubescreamer.

also recomended:
old!! MEsa boogie dual recto. mod it's FX way and put some tubes in there (KT or something).

old Marshall JSL

old peavey 5150, heavily modified with NOT THE STOCK TUBES.

I don't know why not any single manufacturer, can produce a good amp out of the factory these days (Laboga seems to be a big exception).

good luck man..

keep on practicing
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23rd June 2007
Old 23rd June 2007
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Yeah I reckon the 5150 is the way to go but like the guy above said, get some different tubes. I prefer the mk2 over the original 5150 but the clean channel sucks on both of them. I thought that's what they were supposed to have improved on the mk2 but it still sucks. Anyway, tone really comes from the way you play and you are only as good as your right hand (assuming you are a right handed guitarist). \

Cheers mate!
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