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The right MPC/Maschine for me
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29th December 2013
Old 29th December 2013
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The right MPC/Maschine for me


I'm looking to get an MPC or maschine but not sure what would best suit my needs.

I want to use it for very limited things. I do NOT want to sequence internally, I basically want to use it as a controller for some of my other plugins, and be able to build a library of kits that I can take around with me.

I've just bought an MPX8 and a 32Gb SD card. The only thing that annoys me with this is I obviously have to record audio into logic and can't control separate sounds after playing my parts.

What would be the best way for me to have a controller and also build up a library that is preferably stored on the device itself? I'd like it to be as portable as possible and go between my studio computer and laptop. If it could work in standalone too that would be excellent.

29th December 2013
Old 29th December 2013
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well mpc (1000?) is the only truly portable option unless an ipad app will work for you. the MPC voice architecture isnt terribly deep. i believe there is no true single option untill you spend a lot, like for a spectralis or the like. i have resigned myself to using the mpc in simple ways and letting other gear produce complex timbres, and then sample them into the mpc. this wont always cut it but then i knew the mpc was limited. at least it sequences competently.
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