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Advice for drum sampling NOOB
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27th August 2013
Old 27th August 2013
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Advice for drum sampling NOOB

I'm looking to try out sampling some of my analog synths to put together some analog drum kits. I'd also like to expand my drum sounds that I have now (I own an Alesis SR-16 and E-mu Pro/Cussion).

For my sampler, I'm just planning on using ESX24 in Logic.

Does anyone have any links to guides that they found really helpful when they were learning sampling?

Also, it seems that there are A LOT of free sample kits online that many seem happy with, so why do people pay $$$ for sample kits? I've read in quite a number of places on GS that sample libraries are overrated/overpriced? Any agree or disagree with these sentiments?

Thanks for your perspective ...

27th August 2013
Old 27th August 2013
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Disagree, building and programming extensive sample libraries is work that's both boring at times (cutting recordings in pieces and naming each snippet, putting everything in the correct folder), and it requires skill and meticulous attention to detail.

Free sample kits are virtually always small; 1.5 gb or so requires a CDN like Amazon or Akamai. Bigger libraries cost money to download, it's as simple as that.

There's lots of crap out there, but there's also lots of good stuff. Wave Alchemy Synth Drums, for instance. Not to say free stuff can't be good but good sample library providers have consistent quality.
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