Boomstar SEM or Tom Oberheim SEM CV to Midi?
Old 14th July 2013
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Boomstar SEM or Tom Oberheim SEM CV to Midi?

Which one would you buy?
I already own a Studio Electronics SE-1X which I love for it's Minimoog tones
and still like for its Oberheim side but I'd like to have something even closer to this old pure Oberheim tone. Let me know. Thanks.
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I've considered these same two as well (the SEM Pro actually). The Boomstar has far more features than the Oberheim does. But I've listened to all of the Boomstar SEM demos multiple times and there is something there that I do not like. I can't quite put my finger on it, maybe it's the resonance or the distortion, but I find I respond to it like nails on a blackboard. What I'm talking about is all over the Mean SEM Ranch demo SE has on their soundcloud. The Oberheim SEM demos I've heard though, I've liked all the sounds I've heard quite a bit. The thing that's held me back is just the single sinewave LFO, and I've heard that the Oberheim can't self oscillate.
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Ah this is something I've wondered as well. I have no idea how they compare as I've owned neither and don't think the online demos do them justice. They both sound fantastic to me. The Boomstar has more features. But an Oberheim is an Oberheim. The one thing I would say is if you want the SEM get the Oberheim, but if you are looking for a different take on the SEM, the Boomstar has it. I really want the Boomstar since buying the 4075. I also really want to play the Oberheim though, but kind of for the purpose of hearing in person what I would be missing if I didn't have it.
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Imo if you want the SEM get the SEM. Whatever differences are present between the old and new one, I can tell you that the new one def. has the SEM sound.

Featurewise, I'd probably rather have the Boomer, so I think it depends if you're looking for (added) functionality with some OB flavour, or the very particular sound of the SEM.
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