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need halp!
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19th June 2013
Old 19th June 2013
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need halp!

hey there.

started a project with a sbtrkt/purity ring/flume feel to it

but my main melody is lacking something. (obviously an authentic mix & master)

i really wanna a wide stereo sound like purity ring. but after playing with synth i still cant find how to achieve this...
would it be a case of a good mix and master?

would anyone want a '.wav' of the melody to see if the can nut this one out for me.. please!!
21st June 2013
Old 21st June 2013
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until multi-track was common in the mid-60s nobody cared about mix & master except the engineer, who would have been working with mic placement, and lathe cutting to mitigate these concerns. and that's about as far as they went in that regard in those days.
yet still they managed to make great records....without caring about mixing or mastering.

that's because it's a matter of arrangement, instrumentation and creativity to make a good main melody. mastering has nothing to do with it, and mixing has almost nothing to do with it.

or perhaps your question isn't being asked clearly...if it's just "the sound" or timbre you're referring to, then kill your presets and dial it in.
familiarity with process and technique takes years of practice and no "one answer" for all scenarios exists
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23rd June 2013
Old 23rd June 2013
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I'm not sure if it's what you're after but for a super-wide stereo effect Google the 'Haas Effect', this guy demonstrates it pretty well at the end when he delays one channel by 20 ms:

But always double-check it mono, you don't want stuff to disappear due to phase cancellation if played on a mono playback device - bass and kicks especially.

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