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Distorted Evil vocals Live.
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11th February 2013
Old 11th February 2013
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Distorted Evil vocals Live.

So we know the pitch shifting up and down 2 cents trick with eventide's and roland se 50.

Still I have done the "Bandpass the vocals between 300 and 3k, squash the heck out of that with a compressor, and distort that.
This needs to be done on a second channel and is added in."

But more than anything, I found WARM VERB from tone 2, it has this vocoder setting that is called "NOISE". And holy shit this is evil on whispering and hissing.

I wish there was a hardware box that did this effect with the auto unison fx in the roland gt-10. So the vocoder would track the pitch of the vox.

I wish I could get this tone 2 warmverb noise vocoder with pitch tracking in a hardware unit...

I wish someone @ eventide would do it.
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