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Bobby Bausoleil Lucifer Rising
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30th January 2013
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Bobby Bausoleil Lucifer Rising

I don't know if ppl have heard this or know who Bobby is. He is California flower child gone bad : was in original Live with Arthur lee and around haight ashberry playing in band called Orkustra. Ended up in bad bad situation with Manson family and did first degree murder.
In prison he worked on soundtrack for Kenneth Anger film Lucifer Rising where he played everything. He replaced Jimmy page and dud excellent job. I own this on cd and it is incredible.
He is pioneer making early pedals and synths and there's a good interview worth reading here

Not well known probably because of Manson association but a chapter of music + cultural history worth knowing about.
In his music there a echoes of Floyd, zeppelin Tangerine Dream and those 70s seeds of early tekno.
Unlike TD and Jmj, Beausoleil had little to know budget and produced this on 4 track in jail playing nearly all himself on instruments made of his own hand with a small help from Craig Anderton electronic schematic books
He did some original patches for Casio cz1, and also one Kurzweil series instrument

Great interview hear too


Check it out
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