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Help me undertand how to integrate this using CV?
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26th January 2013
Old 26th January 2013
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Help me undertand how to integrate this using CV?

Hey all,

So, I have a minibrute, and I want to start understanding cv a bit better. I know nothing about what cables to buy / use, etc...

I have a PAL198x which is made by Bleep Labs.

"The device turns on when a mono 1/4? inch jack is inserted. A stereo jack will not turn it on. You can hook up headphones to it but you’ll need an adapter.

The left switch activates the left slot, OSC1. The right switch turns the middle slot, OSC2, on and off. The right slot is the LFO which affects both oscillators.

You can hook up all kinds of other devices like soft pots, flex sensors, body contacts, vactrols, or anything else that has a resistance that can be changed. You can also try using different value potentiometers or photocells.

The screw terminals can also act as CV inputs."

"This limited edition mini analog synthesizer is based on the Pico Paso with a few modifications designed by Dr. Bleep and Alan Palomo of Neon Indian. The biggest addition are swappable controls which allow you to easily attach the included potentiometers or photocells (or a number of other devices we’ll post about later) in any configuration to the three oscillators to create all kinds of triangle wave chaos.

- Two triangle wave oscillators which can be activated independently or together, modulating each other.
- Square LFO which affects the amplitude of both triangle oscillators.
- 1/4? out.
- Screw terminals allow any resistive device to control the pitch of the three oscillators.
- 9v battery powered."

how do I use it with cv if there are no input jacks? just strip a cable?

what would you do with this little device?

thanks for helping teh noob
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