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Rare Keytar Lâg

Hi everybody,
I think that some of you may be looking for a keytar that doesn't look cheap or crappy plastic.
I'm from France and I once fell in love with one called "le key", made by a famous french luthier called "Lâg", high end guitar and bass producer.

That one is wood made, has a unique lutherie and all the features of regular other keytar (( 1 Wheel (Volume), 3 Ribbon-Controller (Modulation, Aftertouch Velocity) and also Yamaha Breath Controller BC-3 enabled)).
Those ribbon are really awesome for the pitchbend sensation, can be set from 1/2 ton to 1 octav, and being sensitiv to pressure, it really improves the sensation of controling the tone pitch with the left hand.(can also play some tapping!)

I'm selling mine actualy, there has been only a few number produced and the production is discontinued for many years now.

The midi can be wireless, but it's a addon that you will have to do!
I never took the time the do it

Here is the jewel :

Pardon my french, but that's not a fookin toy!

If you have any question, please contact me.

Keytar Lâg "le key".Synthé/guitare collector, lutherie bois, vernis unique. en vente sur eBay.fr (fin le 13-déc.-12 19:54:54 Paris)

here are link of a larger pic of it : Imageshack - lekey.jpg ImageShack
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My apologies to moderators, I just realized that this thread was not in the good place...
But I think that instrument is rare enough (as you say ) to be here ?
if not, sorry, I'll erase it and put it in a better place in the forum !
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Still for sale?

Are you still selling the Lekey?
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Wow that's really nice lookin
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