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Fruity Loops 10.5 Beta = Did a Bitwig . Added Clip View
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22nd April 2012
Old 22nd April 2012
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Fruity Loops 10.5 Beta = Did a Bitwig . Added Clip View

Yes, FL.

The new 10.5 Patch adds support for Launchpad, APC40 and more.

You can 'pad' to automation for specific instruments too. I don't use it but someone showed me how much it could do (64bit support,multi-monitor,vst3,edit multiple midi layers, display waveform behind midi data..) in comparison to Ableton a few months ago.

Ok, the mixer and stock plugs are still fairly poo (apart from a couple) but I think for hands on creative production this may now be ahead of Ableton.

Playing with it now. Haven't seen the reaction on the Ableton forums but i imagine the usual suspect are calling for a law suit :P
22nd April 2012
Old 22nd April 2012
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I haven't used FL Studio in a few years since switching to Ableton, but that looks interesting. I assume you can also record your performance in FL Studio while playing. I didn't hear mention of it in the demo vid ... but then again I may have missed that point.
22nd April 2012
Old 22nd April 2012
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Thanks for the great demo.

I didn't like the track though, it sounded so awful with all that compression. I suppose that is what kids like to do these days. It sounds like total ass.

Ok, now I feel better!

As I currently use FL10 I think I might like to try this but I'm not sure which controller would be best. I like the look of the Akai as it also has sliders for fading parts, which is nice.
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