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Oh My! My First Software Editor?
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27th December 2011
Old 27th December 2011
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Oh My! My First Software Editor?

I decided to download the Alpha Juno Editor called "Alpha Base." This was recommended to me by several of you.
The manual for it assumes I know something, which I do not.
1) I have a MIDI "Y" cable the USB being at the bottom of the "Y" No USB or MIDI hadrware hubs.

2) Do you have the software open prior to turning on Juno or vice versa?

3) Is there mapping to computer keyboard?

Any other experiences would be helpful.
27th December 2011
Old 27th December 2011
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Well, when I use PG300emu I usually turn my Alpha Juno on before I load the software but it doesn't really matter. I don't have any experience with Alpha Base though. I just wish there was a way to program both my Alpha Juno-1 and my HS-80(essentially an Alpha Juno 2) using a software editor at the same time. Is there?
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