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what gear does the motif xs kill?
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24th September 2007
Old 24th September 2007
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what gear does the motif xs kill?

I was in the market for an 88 key controller/stage piano so i went into guitar center to play the s90es. Pretty nice piece.

However, I made the mistake of playing the new Motif xs which was right next to it. They had them both going through a pair of M-Audio powered speakers and I was amazed at how much better the new Motif sounded than the ES... I guess it might have been better fx, better da, or whatever, but the difference was clear.

So, I'm thinking about springing for one... I'm just wondering if it will render some of the gear in my studio redundant... such as, first and foremost, my beloved MPC 3000. I'm wondering if the sequencing in the Motif is slicker and quicker than loading up zip drives etc. etc.

Now, I didn't hear anything in the Motif that would make me part with my SE-1, but I'm wondering if I could maybe even part with my A6 Andromeda, which I haven't spent much time programming... looks like the Motif, especially with the big screen, has a pretty nice synth section...

What do you think? The Motif is a substantial investment and I'm not sure I want to jump yet...
24th September 2007
Old 24th September 2007
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I can't recall if I've played that specific one, but keep in mind that Guitar Center is rarely the best place to demo something like that.

If you're in one of the more decent Guitar Centers (LA, NYC) try to ask for a private room to try it out more.

I personally couldn't see it replacing much of my gear, if any. To each his own. I'd rather buy more analog gear.
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24th September 2007
Old 24th September 2007
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the motif's sequencer is a toy compared to the mpc.
24th September 2007
Old 24th September 2007
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I don't think any rompler's synth section will ever replace a true synthesizer for such sounds including pads, synth bass, leads, etc.

Like you, i also own an Andromeda but also Motif ES 6 (for almost 4 years now). Whilst i like using the motif es sounds, the A6 offers far more synth action without a doubt.

For synth sounds, i personally don't find anything special about the XS over the ES, other than some newer sounds that i could get (and certainly better) from my Analogs and VA's all day long.
26th September 2007
Old 26th September 2007
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I think it would kill most things if dropped from high enough
2nd October 2007
Old 2nd October 2007
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XS doesn't allow additional PLG boards, although it adds many new sounds.
I use Motif ES and like it very much, after compared to XS didn't justify to replace it.
Many natural sounds on Kurzweil still sit (although so old) better in mixes.
Analog synths are miles away from Motif AWM2 synthesis.
Older FM sounds (ala DX7) and physical modelling are better covered with additional boards on ES.
So, XS didn't bring anything I need to the table. Nice screen, PC integration, more sample memory, four arps etc. are news that I don't practically need to much, so still I would pick ES (with couple of add-ons) over XS.
Alone XS is very good synth, but in context of DAWs and separate powerfull machines it's not must have for many.
13th October 2007
Old 13th October 2007
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If anything, my Motif XS8 is in the process of commiting suicide: A disgusting rattling noise beneath the faders is getting worse for every day.

Don't buy this thing! It's built like a Chinese motorcycle -- and now it sounds like one, too.
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