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Vocal track Wierd after update
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Omega Arts
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22nd September 2013
Old 22nd September 2013
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Vocal track Wierd after update

I updated from Nu 6.5 to . 6 and a vocal track doesn't play back. Hit stop then routing to stereo out then it plays one time only. Next play from top no sound again. Export to mix down no vocal track. I'm baffled! Any ideas. Haven't tried other songs yet.
Ps nothing has changed just started this after update.

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25th September 2013
Old 25th September 2013
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I'd try creating a new track, copying the audio from the malfunctioning track onto the newly created track, then copying all channel settings, routing and automation. I used to get some weird behavior using lanes in cubase 5 where there would be a blank section that would play some old audio that wasn't even being displayed. The above process would always take care of it.
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