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Steinberg Announces issues with Cubase 7
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9th December 2012
Old 9th December 2012
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Originally Posted by Animus View Post
Back in the day i† was always advised to rebuild your preferences in a major upgrade because things could get weird.

Looks like I am just waiting for Nuendo 6, and if and when it gets VCA. Looks like this release was rushed out the door.
It certainly was rushed....I definitely recommend waiting for N6.
12th December 2012
Old 12th December 2012
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It was even worse than I expected. The first updates is coming the 19 dec about one month earlier than their plan. I hope that one will be useful...
12th December 2012
Old 12th December 2012
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"back in the day" you will remember the major issues with sx3 and even worst 4 ???? stick with what ever daw your using atm as your not even worth explaining the future of daw's to , progression has hicups and if protentous knobs can't ride the storm then >>>> there's the door !
13th December 2012
Old 13th December 2012
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Cracks me up when bleeders bleed of their OWN choice. Use what works fellas and fart around with the new toys UNTIL its got the kinks worked out. Anyone running a for profit studio should know better IMO
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