mixbus processing
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31st October 2005
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mixbus processing

This is too cool!

Let me try to fit in a technical question for whomever likes to answer:
What are you guys using on your mixbus (compressor, eq) and if any, when do you put it on. At the start of the mix, after the first balancing?

And if you're mixing digitally, which converters do you use to go to outboard, if you use any?

Thanks again to all for giving us this great opportunity!

The META guys - aboard ship
2nd November 2005
Old 2nd November 2005
The META guys - aboard ship
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We all agree that using mix bus compression is a good idea although we caution against extreme compress in that it might leave the mastering engineer no options. You might consider making a mix pass that is uncompressed if you have any concern of this nature. Mix buss compressor examples vary between us but you could try a Neve 33609, Tube Tech SMC2A, GML 8900, SSL buss compressor, Manley Vari Mu and digitally many of us use a TC 6000. For comparison sake you could give a peak limited version of the mix using something like the Wave L2,3.

Some of us use EQ on the mix buss. Equalizers you might consider are the GML 8200, Avalon, Millennia and NTI.

We use the following converters: TC 6000, Apogee 16x, Euphonics, DB Blue, and Mytech.
12th November 2005
Old 12th November 2005
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and about those mixes ...

Given your clout do you mostly get to choose your mastering engineer, or does it tend to be out of your hands?

Do you ever use a limiter on what you send to mastering?

thank you ...
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