Any clue as to what these "sound" panels are?
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19th July 2013
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Any clue as to what these "sound" panels are?

My first post here. I've lurked for some time, and this was the obvious place to turn for this.
My father-in-law knew I was trying to build some bass traps for my make-shift studio and brought these 2"x24"x48" panels home from work yesterday. He builds boats and these panels are often used for sound proofing, tho I'm not sure how and he's not sure where they came from. It's very different from the OC 703 (which is what I was hoping he'd score) in that the insulation is very styrofoam-y. It is also backed(?) by a canvas-type material which seems to be coated with something... very shiny. I was thinking about stacking 2 for each trap with the shiny canvas (somewhat reflective?) to the front and the back. Any thoughts as to what these panels are and if they might work for the traps? I couldn't find anything close to these online.
Thanks and hope I made some sort of sense.
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22nd July 2013
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Hey there. I’m not quite certain what this type of foam is, but if it feels “Styrofoam-y,” that on its own kind of tells me it’s not going to be a good treatment material. Styrofoam/expanded polystyrene is a rigid, closed-cell foam, and is acoustically reflective. Similar rigid materials will generally perform in the same way. It is often used to make diffusors, but for trapping and treatment panels, these aren’t going to help.
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