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Acoustically treat my room or no?
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4th February 2013
Old 4th February 2013
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Acoustically treat my room or no?

I will get to it, this is my bed room. I have a couple views of a scaled drawing that I made in SketchUp. It is of course a little bedroom that I sleep in, record in, and mix in.

I would like to treat it (if able to) and help produce better sounds out of the room. Should I add bass traps, foam, diffusers? Etc..



I have the top down(ish) angles to just show a basic layout.

Heres the basic measurements of the room
Height(Floor to Ceiling)=8.5'

I am willing to build my own traps and make adjustments to it but I just want to see if anyone has a basic idea of what you should even do with a room this small?

Of course its hard to tell without seeing/hearing the room, but I know there are plenty of you smart dudes out there who could make some surefire suggestions.

Thanks for looking/helping
4th February 2013
Old 4th February 2013
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There are many factors involved with acoustic treatment; budget budget being a big one. You will not be able to turn your bedroom into a recording studio. Having said that, you will notice a difference with every foam panel, bass trap, diffusor, etc. you install. I would recommend light treatment with some foam to help with early reflections. You'll definitely notice a difference. The improvement will inspire you to build bass traps which actually make the biggest difference in a small room.

Be prepared for overwhelming advice about how you actually need to rebuild you house to get the frequency build up at 400Hz under control (I'm exaggerating...slightly). I would suggest making small changes at a time instead of spending a lot of money treating a room you're not even sure is worth it.

What I tell people is, "Once you hear a properly treated room, no one needs to explain why you need it. " Same with studio monitors but thats a different topic.
12th February 2013
Old 12th February 2013
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A multi-use room always involves compromises, but with some research and careful planning, you should be able to improve things dramatically. Let's start with a few basics...

1. Your listening position/desk should be symetrical between the walls on the left and right.
2. Broadband abroption (not foam) at first reflection points - side walls, ceiling, and rear walls.
3. For a small room like yours, you can't over-do corner bass traps (wall-ceiling corners are often a good choice because they don't take up any floor space).

Of course, the biggest compromise will be mainating this as a usable bedroom. How do you feel about a sleeping bag on the floor every night?
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