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Re: Bickering and moderation tightening
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23rd February 2012
Old 23rd February 2012
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Re: Bickering and moderation tightening

Hi guys,

There has been a lot of bickering in here recently and due to some family issues I've had a little less time to deal with them lately. However, this really needs to stop and I'll be spending more time in here from now on and will get some help from a couple other mods, so we're going to be tightening up the ship a bit.

If you inadvertently get caught up in some moderation and have a post deleted, please don't feel insulted. Sometimes there's just too much to be able to edit everything individually and we have to delete a group of posts. It doesn't necessarily mean we're blaming you, just trying to keep things running smoothly.

As for those with online disagreements, it sometimes surprises me that people can't simply state their case, even in disagreement, without it devolving into name calling. On the other hand, sometimes I see reports for things that aren't really too bad, and maybe a slightly thicker skin on occasion would help too.

So let's give it a try to be more respectful in disagreement, and have less of a hair trigger for both issuing insults and for feeling insulted and hopefully we can continue this great resource and sharing of ideas.

Jay Frigoletto
3rd June 2012
Old 3rd June 2012
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Things are getting a bit out of hand again, so this is just a quick friendly reminder to everyone that the staff at Gearslutz consider this (and all other) sub forums to be akin to the sorts of conversations you might have while having drinks with your friends down at the pub.

This isn't scientific peer review of high-concept journals or thesis presentations to professors and boffins - this should mainly be casual and friendly chatter amongst like-minded people whose aims and goals are all the same even if their methods and techniques vary wildly.

From here on in the bickering is just going to get deleted straight away with no response or recourse, so if you value your time, don't waste it on petty arguments! If you disagree with someone, agree to disagree and move on. A disproportionate amount of moderator time is being wasted here considering the volume of active users compared to most of the other sub forums.

Also, please do feel free to make liberal use of the "Ignore User" function you'll see near their avatar on anyone who you feel is winding you up intentionally.

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29th November 2012
Old 29th November 2012
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A cautionary tale about badgers, and badgering

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