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GearAndGuitars 2 Days Ago 02:12 AM
Department of Justice: “Illegal Streaming Should Be a Felony”…|DMN

The Department of Justice wants Congress to make the penalty for illegally streaming media more severe.

David Bitkower, Acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the DOJ’s Criminal Division, addressed the issue at hearing on copyright infringement held by the House Judiciary subcommittee on intellectual property.

Whitecat 4 Days Ago 01:22 PM
Spotify: seven reasons why Google might buy the streaming music service | Technology

And a few why it might not, despite rumours that internet giant is in the frame for $10bn acquisition. By Stuart Dredge

GearAndGuitars 4 Days Ago 10:23 PM
YouTube Music’s Head Quits, a Setback to Paid Service - Digits - WSJ

The head of YouTube's effort to launch a music subscription service is leaving, marking yet another hurdle for the long-delayed project.

GearAndGuitars 4 Days Ago 10:20 PM
Google-Backed Creative Commons Wants Taxpayers To Subsidize Their Hustle | MTP

The “sharing economy” is the antebellum underpinning of much of the Web 2.0 monetary system–artists create a work for free and then let companies like Google sell advertising against it and grow their valuations. This is what Lessig calls the “hybrid economy” (Lessig is the founder of Creative Commons after his stunning loss before the U.S. Supreme Court in the Eldred case. Well…stunning to him.)

GearAndGuitars 4 Days Ago 10:18 PM
It’s not just David Byrne and Radiohead: Spotify, Pandora and how streaming m

More musicians are taking aim at the rates paid by Spotify and Pandora, and warning whole genres are in danger

GearAndGuitars 5 Days Ago 06:10 PM
RIAA vs. Archived Radio: Licenses Mean Abandoning On-Demand | Billboard

If you grew up on Top 40 and want to relive those memories by listening to radio as it sounded then, there are plenty of websites featuring station airchecks from legendary personalities such as Wolfman Jack and Casey Kasem.

Whitecat 5 Days Ago 11:51 AM
Google Considers Buying Spotify But Finds the Price Too High - WSJ

Google Inc. tried to buy music-streaming service Spotify AB late last year, according to a person familiar with the matter.

Whitecat 6 Days Ago 06:15 PM
YouTube star sued over copyright

The entrepreneur is being taken to court for alleged copyright infringement by a record label whose own artist Kaskade has come forward to defend her.

Whitecat 1 Week Ago 01:36 AM
How the Music Industry Could Use Streaming to Reinvent Itself - Fair Observer

With declining sales, the music industry’s biggest players are shifting toward the online streaming market.

Whitecat 1 Week Ago 01:35 AM
RIAA Now Bullying Fully Licensed, Zero Revenue Music Site | TorrentFreak

Earlier this week it was reported how the RIAA had decided to turn the licensing thumbscrews on a site offering decades-old radio archives for download. Now another archival site, one that pays thousands of dollars in license fees to BMI, ASCAP and SoundExchange yet makes not a cent, is now in the RIAA spotlight.

Whitecat 1 Week Ago 10:06 AM
UK anti-piracy action set to begin

People in the UK who persistently pirate music and movies will soon start getting emails warning them that their actions are illegal.

GearAndGuitars 1 Week Ago 05:43 AM
The Problem With Streaming in One Simple Chart - The Cynical Musician

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Since I've already written several thousand words on the problems with Streaming As We Know It, I thought it might help to illustrate the argument

GearAndGuitars 1 Week Ago 09:37 PM
New Statesman | “Fifteen years of utter bollocks”: how a generation’s freeloading has starved creativity

Arguments for digital piracy are drivel – it's high time we steered away from this cultural cliff, argues author Chris Ruen.

Jared Paul 1 Week Ago 03:07 AM
Indie Labels Unite to Launch "Fair Digital Deals Declaration" Initiative | N

Over 700 labels team up for initiative, including Sub Pop, Domino, Secretly Canadian, Saddle Creek, XL, 4AD, Matador, and Rough Trade

GearAndGuitars 1 Week Ago 07:24 PM
Lost Sales v. Gained Streams - The Cynical Musician

Streaming continues to confuse people and those who are looking to cash in on it keep spreading supposedly common-sense memes that are intended to boost rights holder confidence.

It is no big stretch to say that widespread music piracy is pretty much the only thing keeping streaming afloat. A particular unsettling – from the streaming services’ point of view – trend that has developed over the years is popular artists withholding their new releases from streaming services.

Whitecat 1 Week Ago 10:08 AM
Music Industry Revenues Chart - Business Insider

The revenues pendulum has swung away from recorded music and toward live.

Whitecat 1 Week Ago 11:12 PM
Ed Sheeran named most powerful figure in black and urban music by 1Xtra | News | NME.

Wiley critical of 'backwards' list and claims black artists are getting 'bumped'

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 10:57 AM
Neil Young becomes PonoMusic CEO after the Kickstarter gold rush | Technology | theg

Musician steps up to run digital music company that he founded, ahead of launch for gadget and high-def downloads store. By Stuart Dredge

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 07:10 PM
Why Are Songs on the Radio About the Same Length? | Science Blogs | WIRED

Besides Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, most artists produce songs of around the same length: about three minutes. The reason for this is historical and yet, with better technology, the average length of a song has changed over time.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 05:56 PM
YouTube's New Subscription Service: Indie Labels Speak Out | Music News | Rolling Sto

YouTube's ad-free subscription service, rumored since last fall, could compete with rivals such as Spotify and Beats Music by charging premium users t

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 02:45 PM
Forget Vinyl. Forget the Cloud. In the Future We'll Listen to Music on UV-Cured 3

Musicians, developers, and inventors prove that there's more to records than vinyl

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 09:29 AM
For Taylor Swift, the Future of Music Is a Love Story - WSJ

The singer and songwriter says artists will still form deep bonds with fans, but the way they do it will change.

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 09:28 AM
Jermaine Dupri: Music Industry Needs Tech Savvy Execs to Survive

Music producer and entrepreneur Jermaine Dupri joined Tech Cocktail's co-founder Frank Gruber on stage last night for the launch of Gruber's book, Startup

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 06:34 PM
MIDiA Research Global Music Forecasts | Blog | Midia

Music industry revenues will bottom out, not grow. Physical revenue will decline by 44% by 2019 while Streaming and Subscriptions transition will help push download revenues down by 39% over the same period.

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 12:37 PM
BBC Newsbeat - Google tells music website to censor album covers

Google tells the music website Drowned in Sound to censor album covers deemed "sexually explicit".

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 09:04 AM
Why Concerts Stopped Being Fun - Esquire

Get the latest in pop culture as Stephen Marche and the writers of Esquire recap what's new in movies, TV, music, books and more.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 07:16 PM
Sam Smith Downloads Surging Amidst Spotify Holdout... | Digital Music News

Over the past two months, Sam Smith’s “Stay With Me” has become one of the biggest songs in the world. Smith has refused to license Spotify from the beginning.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 06:28 PM
These 6 Great Rock Albums Still Aren’t On Spotify

While Spotify is an essential listening resources, it's still missing some classic albums.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 06:13 PM
Google YouTube U-turn: Indie music doomsday 'postponed' • The Register

Google has postponed its plan to block independent music companies who wouldn't agree to the terms of its proposed deal, the FT reports - but it isn’t clear for how long.

Small independent companies are refusing to sign new pro forma deals with Google, which has publicly said it will block their music videos from YouTube – an apparent breach of its existing contracts - if the indies refuse to sign new deals with an as-yet unannounced audio streaming service from YouTube.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 05:52 PM
British Songwriters Issue a Statement Against YouTube... | Digital Music News

The British Academy of Songwriters has issued a statement supporting independent labels in their battle against YouTube’s music service contract. Last week, YouTube told uncooperative indie labels that if an agreement could not be reached, then content would be pulled.

Whitecat 2 Weeks Ago 12:15 PM
Disc awards include streaming data

The disc awards for 80 singles including Jesse J's Price Tag are upgraded after the incorporation of streaming data, the BPI has announced.

GearAndGuitars 2 Weeks Ago 11:16 PM
EU calls for radical copyright reform in light of internet's disruption - IT News fro

Time to find a balance between copyright and copy wrong, Web, Internet, Law, Copyright, European Commission

"The current copyright system does not do it well. Not nearly well enough. Many creators scrimp by on a pittance, unable to find their full audience, unable to share or sell their works as widely or creatively as they want. Limitations and obstructions do nothing for creativity," she said.

Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 11:49 PM
Grande tops first combined chart

Singer-songwriter Ariana Grande tops the UK singles chart which, for the first time, combines sales and streaming figures.

Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 09:07 PM
The ten most valuable albums of all time - Yahoo Finance UK

'The ten most valuable albums of all time' on Yahoo Finance UK. Some old records fetch £10,000, others - such as a Blur LP worth £70 - are fast risers

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 07:59 PM
YouTube to postpone indie block while licensing talks continue | CMU

YouTube has postponed plans to block the indie labels from its video platform as talks continue over the Google-owned subsidiary’s plans to launch an audio streaming service.

As previously reported, indie label trade bodies from across the world hit out in May after YouTube threatened to block them from its market-leading video streaming site if they didn’t sign up to the firm’s in-development Spotify competitor.

GearAndGuitars 3 Weeks Ago 05:26 PM
U.S. Rock Band Fights Pirates in China - Businessweek

July 2 (Bloomberg) -- One of the loudest voices for IPR protection in the U.S. is the lead singer ofthe rock band Cracker, David Lowery. Bloomberg's Stephen Engle caught up with Lowery in Beijing - where piracy is rampant. (Source: Bloomberg)

Whitecat 3 Weeks Ago 08:20 AM
GO AEROSMITH: How 'Head First' Became the First Digitally Downloadable Song

In 1994, the Internet was a primitive version of what we're familiar with today, and there sure wasn't Soundcloud or Spotify.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 07:55 PM
The Pirate Bay must be fought for the sake of exploited musicians

In Australia, there is very little that a musician can do to stop illegal streaming and downloading sites from using their work. These illegal sites make massive amounts of money from ads and nothing goes back to the artists who provide the content. Not one cent.

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 05:46 PM
Impala files EC antitrust complaint over YouTube indie label licensing | Technology

Independent association says it's 'red card time' for online video giant after threats to block labels' channels on video service. By Stuart Dredge

Whitecat 4 Weeks Ago 01:56 PM
Is tech saving the music industry?

Digital music and pirated downloads nearly destroyed the industry, the argument goes, but now streaming technology is being credited with saving it.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 02:20 AM
Streaming Isn't Saving the Music Industry After All, Data Shows... | Digital Music News

In 2013, recording revenues fell below $7 billion for the first time ever, according to inflation-adjusted stats released by the RIAA. The group has been tracking recording revenues since 1973.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 10:20 PM
Aereo has lost: Will cloud computing just yawn?-CICTP

The Supreme Court’s long-awaited decision in ABC v. Aereo was a solid win for copyright owners and the rule of law. The Court’s 6-3 majority Opinion held that Aereo had infringed the public-performance rights of the owners of the copyrights in programs licensed to broadcast-TV stations. This outcome was mostly expected. Aereo’s statutory-interpretation arguments were weak, and its technologically inefficient, Rube-Goldberg confabulation of tens of thousands of duplicative antennae and copies was never more than a trite attempt to “design around” the exclusive rights of copyright owners. The Supreme Court last encountered such an attempt to “design around” copyright laws in MGM Studios v. Grokster – a case that ended in a 9-0 decision in favor of copyright owners. In the aftermath of the Grokster case, Aereo could hardly have expected a win after certiorari was granted. Nevertheless, the Aereo decision seems important for at least three reasons.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 06:44 PM
Weatherley: 'Cutting off ad revenue to illegal sites is key to piracy battle' | Music

PM's IP Advisor issues new recommendations in 'Follow The Money' report

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 05:08 PM
Industry Argues Its Worth to Congress (and Itself) In Second Round of Testimony | Bil

Representatives of artists, record labels, songwriters, music publishers and broadcasters disagree on many points but were unanimous in their calls for solutions.

GearAndGuitars 4 Weeks Ago 02:09 AM
Ben Folds’ Open Letter: RCA Studio A To Be Sold |Music Row

Artist Ben Folds, owner of Grand Victor Sound studio at 30 Music Square West, reports that the studio’s historic building is being sold to a commercial real estate developer. (MusicRow delved into the studio’s legacy in 2012.) Today Folds released the following open letter about the pending sale:

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